8 Major Cuisine Types in China

8 Major Cuisine Types in China

There are major eight cuisines types that you will find whenever you travel to China. Most of these cuisines are now known within the western palate. The attributes are always based on the combination of the cultural shifts, resources in the different regions, and geographical differences among others. Below are the 8 major cuisine types in China.

 Shandong Cuisine

This is the cuisine with the longest history in China. The salty and flavorful cuisine is known for favoring the technique plus adds of the scallions and garlic among others. It was one favored as ideal cuisine of the royal court. Most of the key dishes of the cuisine consist of seafood as the main ingredients.

Zhejiang Cuisine

This is one cuisine that uses the condiments and oil to offer a strong flavor. It has a number of techniques that include smoking, braising, stir-frying, and quick frying. In addition to this, the area is known for the freshwater shrimps and fish that are cooked tender but crispy.

Sichuan Cuisine

Here is one cuisine that provides big and bold flavors plus the undeniable spicy taste. Some of the key flavors include garlic, peppers, peanuts, and ginger. It is the most widely known cuisine in Western society today.

Jiangsu Cuisine

Jiangsu is a great cuisine that has a balanced flavor approach. It has a salty, sweet, soothing, and mild taste to the tomach. Other than this, its cooking method has greatly dominated the region due to the caramelized and sweet taste.

Hunan Cuisine

When you need hot Chinese cuisine, then you need to get the Hunan. This great cuisine contains the dried chilies that make it spicy. This also makes it a bright red colored dish. A number of the favorite American dishes like the crispy duck and orange beef have originated from this cuisine.

Anhui Cuisine

This is a perfect cuisine that uses plenty of wild animals and plants since it was developed in the Huangshan Mountains. The cuisine is mostly used as a flavor and added to a number of dishes. The common techniques of the cuisine include the braising and steaming. This implies that the cuisine is a relatively light flavor when compared to other types of cuisines.

Fujian Cuisine

Do you need an ideal cuisine known for fresh seafood and seafood based soups? The Fujian cuisine comprises of a number of seafood due to the proximity to the sea. It has a pickled taste since most chefs use the wine in the cooking. Additionally, the cuisine contains the shark fin, sea cucumber, abalone, bamboo shoots, Shaoxing wine, and scallops. In most cases, it lacks the shark-finning due to the controversy in the ingredient.

Guangdong Cuisine

This is another great Chinese cuisine that showcases natural flavors. It is made from the freshest ingredients, which makes it a light and clean dish. The cuisine uses different techniques like stewing and braising, which gives it a sweeter taste.

These are the 8 major cuisine types in China that you need to know. They are in different tastes and uses different techniques. The cuisines are mainly based on the area of origin and some are meant as flavors to special dishes.

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