Food, Eating, Behaviour And Culture In Chinese Society

Food, Eating, Behaviour And Culture In Chinese Society

Chinese society is known to be very different

The other societies as it is differentiated on the basis of their food, eating behavior and culture which might make them appear very different and unique from the other people. If you want to know more about the Chinese people then you must get more information about Food, eating behavior, and culture in Chinese society as it will help you get them know in a better manner. Food is considered as one of the most important element of every society as it offers nutrients that are needed for the health and survival of the people living in the society. Moreover the people living in China derive nutrients from the foods that are food abundantly in the place and the food can directly influence the biological function and overall physical activity of the individual.

Food eating habits of Chinese people

The importance of food cannot be underestimated in knowing more about the human culture as it is important for the survival of the species but the china society is known to be very particular with regards to the fats, calories, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrate content in their food. Since they prepare and consume food in a different manner, they are known to follow a different custom when it comes to preserving, cutting and cooking foods.

The food varieties are also very different and even the utensils used for consuming food also varies from the other societies. Food culture is considered to be deep rooted in the Chinese history and this is the reason why table manners and distinctive courtesies are of great importance in every Chinese home that gives a huge importance to
their guests and visitors. Moreover they follow an admirable custom where everyone on the table is given high respect and appreciation including the children, aged and guests alike as they are held in high esteem. According to the Chinese culture, fine and best food of the home is offered to the senior most members of the family after which they are given to the children and adults. The behavior relating to their food choice affects the nutrients intake and these behaviors are often linked to the social, cultural and economic factors.

Eating culture of Chinese society


The Chinese people are known to be very different from the rest of the people as they believe in the collective way of eating where they love sharing their food with their family and friends. They love sharing rich and abundant food that helps in creating a harmonious atmosphere while they have different food choices that affects their nutrient intake. The dishes are placed in the table for people to share the food and only after the entire family is seated on the table, they begin eating their food which is served to family members on the basis of their age and sex. Chinese people generally have 3 meals a day but it may vary on the basis of the tastes and preference of people living in the urban or rural places of China.

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