Most Popular Chinese Dishes

Most Popular Chinese Dishes


With unique features, exquisite cooking, numerous styles, and long history, the Chinese dishes are among the most important aspects of the Chinese culture. The dishes for the Chinese are known for aroma, color, appearance, taste, and meaning. In this text, we are going to look at the most popular Chinese dishes among the Chinese and the foreigners. You can find most of the dishes in large restaurants in China.

Sour and sweet pork

sour and sweet pork is a dish with a bright orange color that has a delicious sour and sweet taste. A long time ago, restaurants had only sour and sweet pork. However, due to the increased demands from customers, there are various developments on this particular dish. People can now substitute the dish other different ingredients that include pork ribs, chicken or beef. The meal also gives you an easy time to prepare since the recipe is available for you.


Kung Pao Chicken

This also among the most favorite dishes among the Chinese and it is popular with both foreigners and the Chinese. To have the meal ready, the main ingredients are the diced chicken, fried peanuts and dried chili. A large number of people in major world countries have established a different style of gong bao chicken, where they cover the diced chicken with cornstarch, sour and sweet sauce, vegetables, and garlic that is mashed. The ingredient provides a taste that you will like about this particular meal.

Ma Po Tofu

If you are looking for a popular Chinese dish, then Ma Po Tofu is what you are looking for. For the dishes available in Chuan Cuisine it tops the list of the most popular and has a great history of over a hundred years. The dish has a hot and spicy taste that comes from the added pepper. Individuals also enrich the milky tofu with chopped green onion and brownish ground beef. The dish is among the tastiest and liked food among the Chinese. You can also read them on the recipes and have an idea of how to prepare it.


Dumplings have been in existence for about 1,800 years. They are traditional foods that are known widely in North China. They encompass minced meat as well as chopped vegetables which are wrapped using a thin prepared piece of dough. The famous fillings are diced shrimp, minced pork, vegetables, and ground chicken. You can cook the dish by steaming, boiling, or frying. Traditionally, Dumplings are eaten by the Chinese during the New Year’s Eve.

Peking Roasted Duck

Pecking duck is also a popular dish from Beijing that enjoys known worldwide and people consider it as a national dish of China. People like Pecking duck due to its crispy nature and thin skin. Individuals often eat the sliced pecking duck with pancakes, soy with garlic that is mashed, and sweet bean sauce. It is a meal that you have to taste in Beijing.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls have a cylindrical shape where the fillings of the rolls can be meat or vegetables. The taste of the Spring Rolls can either be savory or sweet. After wrapping the fillings using wrappers, you have to fry and give them a golden color. This is a popular dish in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and many other places.

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